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How is HEA Supported?

Many people have asked? How is HEA supported? … That in itself is one of the greatest miracles of God!

In June of 1989 the Lord spoke to my heart to leave General Motors and two weeks later, July 1st, 1989, I walked out the door.  All we knew was that God clearly said go and that he would provide in ways that no man could explain!  (that way He gets all of the glory!)

Michele & I sold everything we had and two weeks later we headed for Mexico and began working in full time mission evangelism.  We didn’t even take time to travel around to churches in the USA to raise support! We just went and oh how our God has supplied!!

Those churches and individuals who support HEA believe in what we are doing and join with us as partners in “Reaching the Lost? Wherever They Are!” Together with you our partners we have had over the last 10 years 16,000,000 people attend HEA meetings with more than 1.4 million people surrendering their lives to Jesus!! Glory to God!

In the beginning people would ask me… “What are you all going to do for support?” “How will you live?” I remember telling them that God wanted to show us that he is our provider! He wanted us to depend on Him and only on Him! Michele & I truly wanted to be lead by the breath of God!

We have spent the years praying and asking the Lord to release his provision for what he has called us to do. When times are hard I always tell our team leaders to rejoice and praise God for what he is sending that the people who are going to give it don’t even know it yet!!  We have seen over and over that God speaks to the hearts of his people who give financially to accomplish that which he has called us all to do, “Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel” Mk 16:15.  Together we are reaching multitudes!

How is HEA supported? By the breath of God! By people who are lead of the Holy Spirit to give, expecting nothing in return but that their God would be glorified in all the earth and that lost souls would be saved!  The ministry is growing and the needs are great?

Yes we truly need your help – yes we trust in our God to provide! The harvest is truly great but with favor from God and the help of those that he leads to partner with us we will press into the harvest with all that is in us!  Thank you for caring, thank you for giving, and most of all, thank you for loving Jesus!!  Keep praising God!!

Greg & Michele


World Harvest Partners are those who support HEA monthly. Together, with your help, we are pressing into the harvest around the world “reaching the lost whereever they are!” Thank you so very much!

You can also become a World Harvest Partner Today!

Just choose the ministry of your choice from the boxes to the right & click on the “Read More / Donate” button. Once you are there, you can set up your donation and choose the button that says “Make this donation monthly” and that ‘s it!  Welcome to the HEA/world Harvest Partner Family.

Support a Native Missionary Evangelist

HEA trains, equips and supports Native Missionary Evangelists to boldly preach the gospel to their own people in their own languages in their own countries.  Your monthly donation of $30.00 / $50.00 / $100.00 (together with the donations of others) will help us to put another full time Native Missionary Evangelist church planter on the field full time…

Support a Front Line School of Missions Student

We have been blessed with a wonderful team of teachers and leaders that only the Lord could have put together.  They are so very committed and passionate about reaching their world, one village at a time!!

You can sponsor one of our Front Line School of Missions students for just $200.00 a month … this covers the cost of their food, books, utilities, travel etc…

Kingdom Kids Christmas

Last year we had 57,220 attend the KKC parties throughout the mountains in 412 different locations with 4,799 children, mom’s and dads surrendering their lives to Jesus!! Wow! Praise the Lord!

This year we will prepare 20,000 Kingdom Kids Christmas Backpacks filled with lots of school supplies, cookies, candy, toys, a gospel booklet and lots of love!!…

VBS of a Lifetime

HEA exists to train and equip pastors and their leaders to use cutting edge dynamic ministry tools to reach their own people, in their own languages in their own communities.  One of those ministries is our annual VBS for 25,000 children in over 300 different remote mountain missions.  HEA supplies everything that they need to hold their own five day Vacation Bible School.   Each year we supply theme-centered lessons, puppets, puppet programs on CD, crafts and candy for every child for every day of the VBS! That’s 125,000 Lollipops Pops!!…

Where the Need is Greatest

The on going operational needs of HEA Ministries are great but our God is greater still!!  We are working year round on four different continents in 6 different nations… This is where you give if you would like to contribute to where ever the need is greatest.  Your financial support is truly needed and greatly appreciated!  Thank you all for your generosity!!