School of Frontline Missions

Preparing Tomorrows Front Line Missionaries Today

From the very beginning Greg said that God had called us to raise up a “Radical, Frontline, Evangelistic, Missions School with a Passion!”

The students are hand picked by their pastors.  They go through a personal interview with HEA Staff together with their pastor.  They must have a unanimous vote from the School Staff & HEA Leadership if they are going to be one of the 15 students chosen to be in the school.

If they are accepted, they leave their church and their family to live in the dorms at HEA’s World Missions Operations Center.  They will spend the school year being pressed by our staff to study hard, pray hard, and work hard as they grow personally and spiritually throughout the year.

The students are in classes Monday through Thursday.  Every Friday we divide them into 2 ministry teams & send them out deep into the remote mountain communities to work on church planting with local pastors.   They hold evangelistic outreaches applying what they have learned in classes throughout the week.  They are led by 4 of HEA’s finest School of Missions Field Trainers.

After they graduate they return to their community where they work under the leadership of their Pastor.  They are their churches very own Missionary Evangelist.  They work full time preaching & sharing the gospel to their own people, in their own communities, in their own languages, as well as discipling and organizing others to do the same.

Support a Frontline Mission Student

You can personally sponsor one of these students for $200.00 a month. This covers their food, books, room and board, as well as travel cost every weekend to go out with our field trainers to work and church planting.

We need sponsors for 11 students at this time.