VBS of a Lifetime

Here is a small portion of what the local pastors had to say about the “VBS of a Lifetime” …

Pastor: Arnulfo Villaseca (Ocosingo)“The VBS had a big impact on the children and what they learned they are now sharing with their parents. Rocio won her parents for Jesus because she was coming to the VBS. Now her parents attend our church!!”

Pastor: Tomas Santiz (Santo Domingo)“It was the first time that we had VBS in the community of Santo Domingo. There was only one family that knew Jesus. The members of that family invited all of their friends & family and during the VBS 80 people surrendered to Jesus! At the end of the VBS we started a new mission in this place, glory to God!”

Pastor Alfonzo Perez (Huixtan)One of the little boys in VBS went to his teacher. He was crying and told her, “I want to receive Jesus in my heart but I want that my family can do it also because my dad is an alcoholic and my brothers and my mom we all suffer so much!” … The teacher told him that with God nothing is impossible and God will save your family! They prayed together that day. The last day of our VBS his parents came with him and the whole family was saved!! Now they are very happy serving the Lord!

Pastor Sanchez (Chilon)Griselda said that she and her mother walked 2 hours every day to be in VBS … Griselda wrote a note for her pastor, “My mom and I received Jesus as our savior during the VBS and we are so happy knowing the Lord’s path!”

Preparing “VBS of a Lifetime” for 20,000 Kids in over 300 Remote Mountain Missions & Churches!

150,000+ People Over Five Days of VBS

“Vacation Bible School of a Lifetime” has been one of HEA’s most powerful church planting tools over the years.  Every year over 15,000 kids & their parents surrender their lives to Jesus through this one front line evangelistic outreach!!  Many new churches are planter every year through “VBS of a Lifetime!”

We provide the entire VBS for 25,000 children in over 300 different remote mountain villages in Southern Mexico.  The accumulative five day attendance (including Kids, Moms, Dads, and extended family) is over 150,000 people!!

The theme based VBS is provided (free of charge) to the pastors along with all lessons, crafts, crayons, puppets, puppet programs on CD, and 125,000 lollipops (one for every child for every day of VBS) (as funding permits).  All the Pastors have to do is come to our center & pre-registered their churches missions.

Before the actual VBS’s, every single pastor must come to “HEA’s World Missions Operations Center” and attend an all day “VBS Leadership Training Seminar.”  We go over the entire program, including a detailed review of the crafts, the lessons, their reports, and how to effectively preach the gospel to the entire family.  The gospel is boldly preached at every location!

Every pastor must also return to our center for their debriefings with HEA staff after the VBS’s are over.  We go over every detail with them because at HEA we want the VBS to be better every year!  If they don’t return for their debriefings and turn in their reports they can’t register for the VBS the next year.

We want to give a special thanks to Rebecca Archer (of Arrow International Ministries) who writes the entire theme based VBS program every year and also comes down every year to help train the native pastors!

We also want to thank those of you who support HEA so faithfully with your donations so that we can produce & distribute the program.  Because you give we are we able to put cutting edge evangelistic tools into the hands of the Native Missionaries!!   With your help they are preaching the gospel to their own people, in their own languages, in their own communities … At HEA we are all about “planting churches, one family at a time!!”

Support VBS of a Lifetime

It only takes $60.00 to provide a full blown VBS for one of these very needy remote churches… Between 15,000 & 20,000 kids, moms and dads surrender their lives to Jesus each year and dozens of new churches are planted through this one single outreach!