Amazing Video Testimony of Kingdom Kids Christmas

…Little Carlos was orphaned when he lost his mother and father in an accident. He came to the church for the first time when we gave out the backpacks to the children. (his name had been put on the list)

     Carlos brought his grandmother with him.  He told us that in the 2 years since he lost his mother and father he has not had any Christmas gift because they had no money. Little Carlos and his grandmother surrendered their lives to Jesus that day! (Now their names are on the greatest list … Their names are written in the book of life!!)

– Pastor Castelazo of Tuxtla

…Some children who attend our church walk for an hour to arrive from their village. They invited a teenage girl to come with them. She had never been in a church before. When I preached the message of salvation she surrendered her life to Jesus! We have started a new mission in her parents house! (Praise the Lord for a new mission where there was no church before the Kingdom Kids Christmas party!)

– Pastor Rojas of Simojovel

Video Testimony by Pastor “JO” Owens